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Every year we have a garden dance party

English folk dancing in Salisbury.

The picture shows some of our  group enjoying themselves at our summer garden  party.  We have a number of different venues to choose from  for our outdoor events and usually combine the dance with an American supper provided by those who attend.

Who are we?

What do we do?

Where do we meet?

Why do we do it?

What does it cost?

Is it for me?

How do I join?


Dance for good health.

Enjoy the company.

Enjoy the music.

Social, physical and mental health plus the cultural aspects of English country dancing are all part of why we enjoy ourselves at Salisbury FDC.  If you fancy having a go why not join us on a Tuesday evening at St. Martin’s School, Shady Bower, SP1 2RG

Enjoy the movement.


Country Dancing”, or English folk dancing as it is more often referred to today, has probably been performed in and around the city for hundreds of years but after the introduction of “modern” dancing with the Waltz, etc. largely fell out of favour until a revival countrywide following the second Word War.

In 1976 the present club was formed by Barry McNamara and Helga Burt at Wilton Middle School  and we are now in our 42nd year

Since medieval times dances have been recorded from parts of England, and since the 16th century they have been documented in print. Elizabeth 1st brought many country-dances to Court where they were performed along with the more stately dances of the time. In the following century John Playford published collections of dances in his English Dancing Master most of which are still danced today.  

Dancing Days